25 Bilder/Sekunde: Showcasing International Video Art

Every second of TV broadcast consists of 25 images meeting your eye. These 25 images can be everything, news, videos of your last vacation, movies, soap operas – or media art. 25 Bilder/Sekunde translates to „25 frames per second“: we want to show, but not to pigeonhole, we want to make you wonder, but remain unpredictable, we want controversy. While you can encounter 25 frames per second everywhere, it is only 25 Bilder/Sekunde where you can watch international, national and regional positions of qualitative video art in Mannheim, Germany.
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25Bilder/Sekunde: Showcasing International Video Art

Showcasing video art, thus everybody can encounter video art – directly, without inhibitions and without paying an entrance fee. Only requirements: curiosity and some time.

In October 2011, the cooperation launches between artmetropol.tv, the culture TV of the Rhine Neckar region, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the movie gallery in Mannheim, with Simone Kraft, senior curator of 25 Bilder/Sekunde. The location is the video window in M7, 11, Mannheim – the new office of artmetropol.tv  and home of the movie gallery Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

The exhibitions

Starting in October, every month will present another thematic exhibition with works of international, national and regional video artists. Additionally, guest curators from all around the world will be invited to curate shows in the video window. Furthermore 25Bilder/Sekunde wants to initiate a platform for international video art, extending the real space in Mannheim into the virtual space – here on 25bildersekunde.de.

The shows will be open daily from 2pm until midnight.

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