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Encyclopedic Cartoons
curated by Joas-Sebastian Nebe 
14.01. – 24.02.12


Dutch female artists duo Theme Bannenberg & Nok Snel are adventurers down to the bone. Where ever they roam the direct environment is the set for inspiration. The concept of T&NOK is opposite and spitting images. Their drive feeds on confrontation. The result is photography, objects, installations, paintings and since 2008, also videos.

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Short Interview with NOK&T/ART:

Tell us about your work. How did you hit your works issue?

NOK : Through LIFE.
T       : Indeed! And with some regularity I stumble over My Muze NOK.

Why do you prefer video as your favourite art media?

NOK : Moving images is booming. I see a great market.
T      :  Producing a video is writing a book. It’s an ideal challenge, a delight for the mind using story, sound and image in one. Due to the digital age I’m not finished yet.

What are the main themes of your work? How do you get to your main issues?

NOK : No principals. Own style.
T       : Sensible and nonsensical themes. We act spontaneously. We are each other’s sounding board. That’s our strenght.

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