Sally Grizzle Larson

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Encyclopedic Cartoons
curated by Joas-Sebastian Nebe 
14.01. – 24.02.12


Sally Grizzell Larson is an independent visual artist. Screenings of her video works include 11° FILE (Electronic Language International Festival), São Paulo; Berlin International Directors Lounge; Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid; Alternative Film/Video Festival, Belgrade; Image Forum Festival of Experimental Film and Video, Tokyo; Prog:ME–Rio de Janeiro Festival of Electronic Media; NewFilmmakers NY, Anthology Film Archives; and the National Museum of Women in the Arts’ Festival of Film and Media Arts. Her video CERTAIN WOMEN was awarded “Best of Festival–Experimental” at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival in 2006. AXIOM was awarded „Best in Category: The Medium is the Message“ and Third Place overall at the Toronto Urban Film Festival in 2010.

Interview with Sally Grizzle Larson:

Tell us about your work. How did you hit your works issue?

I am inclined toward the politics of resistance, of setting up a space to critically reexamine the motives hidden behind or within certain sets of assumptions, and in turn, making sure that this query (the video, the audio, the written word) becomes part of the historical record. The very act of documenting has proven historically to be a vital form of resistance.

Why do you prefer video as your favourite art media?

To this end, I find the visual dimension the most effective way for me to address these issues – and video specifically, because it can carry a greater amount of informational nuance.

The description/statement on AXIOM reads as follows:

The rhythm of clapping hands, the repetition of images in equally timed segments: We are lulled and seduced. Like any other high-functioning receptor, the human brain is indiscriminate about what it picks up. How then do we resist the seemingly benign when we’re mesmerized by it in spite of our better judgment?

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