Alison Williams

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Encyclopedic Cartoons
curated by Joas-Sebastian Nebe 
14.01. – 24.02.12


Alison Williams is a South African video artist, filmmaker & painter based in Nelson Mandela Bay, RSA. Her works appear internationally in various Film Festivals, Galleries and Art Museums. She is concerned with visual emotion and the triumph of the human spirit, using mainly performance-based works with a strong tendency towards the dramatic. Her works are mostly one on one directions towards the viewing public, works produced in isolation or in remote areas. Her main focus is the production of psychological works that disturb normal modes of being. She uses travel and personal life experience in her art, as she believes that life and art are inseparable entities. She is also the founder and director of Human Emotion Project which screens many international artists globally in 2009/2010.

Selected exhibitions and listings: please see her website: direct link to selected exhibitions:

Interview with Alison Williams:

Tell us about your work. How did you find your works issue?

Blog with „making of“:

„Chicken“ – An artist performance video by Alison Williams started conceptually on her 2008 visit to New York City. The realization that every human we meet in this over-crowded world has sexual organs produced this work in 2009 for the call for „disgust“. Sexual statistics and personal issues surround the artist with regards to rape, pornography, gender abuse and child abuse – all of the hidden thoughts that provoked in her a sense of outrage. Genitalia are a beautiful part of the body and of life, for procreation, for vital bodily functions and for pleasure/ lovemaking – yet there is this other darker side, this awful realization that they are abused, misused, not to be trusted. This work refers to a woman’s vagina as being a „chicken“ but it is used in a broader sense, and is not intended to reflect „disgust“ towards women in any way. This work shows „disgust“ towards our lack of control, our human weakness and our sick society which results from that weakness/illness.
The artist is a very private person in reality and uses art performance to eradicate herself of various psychological issues as they arise in her life. Her „chicken“ is very particular about other chickens and their mutual, willing interaction.

Why do prefer video as your favourite art media?

I don’t.

What are the main themes of your work? How do you get to your main issues?

Human rights, human emotions and gender-based art.

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