Kisito Assangni

CV   |   Interview with Kisito Assangni |

Encyclopedic Cartoons
curated by Joas-Sebastian Nebe 
14.01. – 24.02.12


Kisito Assangni is an artist and curator currently living between London and Paris. His artworks and projects primarily question post-globalization impact and psychogeography. His works have been shown internationally, including the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Arnot Art Museum, New York; Musée des Arts Derniers / Galerie Octobre, Paris; The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago; New Art Projects, Beijing; Sint-Lukas Gallery, Brussels; Arad Art Museum, Romania, Museo ExTeresa Arte Actual, Mexico City among others. Kisito is The Director/Curator of Time is Love Screening – annual international video art exhibition.

Interview with Kisito Assangni:

Tell us about your work. How did you hit your works issue?
My aim is to create a simple visual definition of the moment through video, photography and drawing.
 With all the instruments that technology provides, I just want to be an analyst of its processes and exegete of ideological constructions.

Why do prefer video as your favourite art media?
Today video art as social visual structure has become more available to the audience and the new technologies have interfered in the lives of all the peoples.

What are the main themes of your work?
Post-globalization impact and psychogeography.

How do you get to your main issues?
I collect ideas from my personal anxiety, conversations, songs, newspapers, books and films to re-contextualise the contemporary significance.

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