Debbie Douez

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Encyclopedic Cartoons
curated by Joas-Sebastian Nebe 
14.01. – 24.02.12


Debbie Douez (Canada) is a conceptual artist living in Spain who uses multiple mediums (painting, sculpture, installation and video) to express her ideas. She has self-directed her studies in schools and studios in Canada, New York and Spain. After spending over 15 years working in Marketing and Business Development she decided to take a sabbatical from the business world to be able to dedicate herself full time to the pursuit of her artistic callings in 2003 when she moved to Spain. As an artist, Debbie explores social, psychological and emotional themes especially as they relate to woman. Today Debbie shows her work locally and Internationally and directs part of her efforts to curating, directing and promoting a number of global video art collectives.


Duration: 4 minutes 28 seconds

When one thinks of legs one often thinks of motion. Our legs take us to where we want to go. Our legs, under the control of the mind can be forced to go on and on, beyond even the point of fatigue. Continuing, even when the body would rather just stop and rest. This almost hypnotic close up of a pair of legs walking, so close that the grounds surface is blurred by the perspective chosen, is meant to help us see this mechanical onward movement for what it is, separate from any reason.

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