Anica Vučetić

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Von Zuneigung und anderen (zwischen)menschlichen Affekten | On fondness and other affections
Results of the 1. Open Call
ausgewählt von 25bs | Simone Kraft

*1962 in Belgrade, Serbia
Work on: objects, installations, mobiles, environments, video installations and video environments. Since 1981 she realized 26 one-man shows and she took a part on about 100 group-exhibitions in Ex Yugoslavia, Germany, Netherland, Japan, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, USA, Canada, Greece.

College for Industrial Design in Belgrade, Graphic Art Designer (1981) || University of Arts in Belgrade – Faculty of Fine Arts, Graduate Studies – Bachelor of Arts, Painting (1986), Postgraduate Studies – Master of Arts, Painting (1989)

Solo Shows (Selection, since 2006):
2006 – Compression – video ambient, Belgrade Cultural Centre || 2007 – Reflections – video installations, Remont Gallery, Belgrade || 2008 – Cut – video installations, environments, Gallery “Nadežda Petrović”, Čačak (Serbia) || 2009. – Flowing In – video installation, In frame of the project Dialogue, Belgrade Cultural Centre – A Voyage – video ambient, Salles gallery “Beograd”, Belgrade. || 2010. – A Long Trip – video environments and installations, Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka || 2011. – Flowing In – video installation, In frame of the project Dialogue, Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor (Slovenia)

2005 – 23th Memorial of Nadežda Petrović in Čačak, Serbia – Reward of the
Memorial and Reward of the audience || 2008 – Grand-Prix of the 9th International Biennial of Miniature Art in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia || 2009. – Politika Reward, for visual art and the exhibition « Cut », Serbia.

1995 – Ministry of Culture of Serbia Republic – Soros Center for Contemporary Arts – Yugoslavia ||  1999 – Fund for an open society – Yugoslavia – Corporation “Janko Lisjak” – Company for Ecological Engeneering, Belgrade || 2002 – Ministry of Culture of Serbia Republic || 2004/2005/2006 – Belgrade City Department of Culture

1999 – Ludwig Forum for International Art, Aachen (Germany), January – May || 2002 – Fundacion Ludwig de Cuba, Havana (Cuba), May – August

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Anica Vučetić’s Statement:
Since 1999 I am working on video installations and environments, exploring unconsciousness, dreams, psychological processes as well as archetypal symbols. Experimenting with different projection-surfaces and screens I am undertaking an examination of real and virtual space locating the observers specific positions.

A thin line of separation between our inner psychological space and the visible one, can often mislead us and make us believe more firmly in external happenings, excluding our internal space, where our spirit and energy, consciousness, emotions, intuition belong. Inbetween our inner space and the space that surrounds us, we can think of natural forces and laws, functioning principles of the Matter, invisible happenings on the sensitive border between substance and energy, where life is conceived and its spirit maintained.

I attempt to transform and materialize the inner theatre from mental screen to the outer space, so that the observer is provided with a complex territory to question the relationship to his own subconsciousness.

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