Filippo Berta

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Von Zuneigung und anderen (zwischen)menschlichen Affekten | On fondness and other affections
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Filippo Berta (1977) lives and works in Bergamo (IT).
He was among the winners of the Fourth International Prize of Performance at Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art of Trento (2008, IT).

Selected solo exhibitions: ‘Allumettes’, Madre Museum of Naples (2012, IT) | ‘Names and Surnames’, Placentia Art Gallery (2010, Piacenza, IT) | ‘Absences’, NT Art Gallery (2009, Bologna, IT)

Selected group exhibitions and festivals: ‘Prague Biennale 5’ (2011, CZ) | ‘Tulca, After the fall’ (2011, Galway, IE) | ‘European Performance Art Festival’ (2011, Warsaw, PL) | ‘Fratelli d’Italia’, Farnese Palace (2011, Piacenza, IT) | ‘Performance from Far Away’ (2011, Paris, FR) | The human dimension of contemporary’ at National Gallery of Cosenza (2011, IT) | ‘Random Access Memory’ (2011, Berlin, DE) | ‘F.A.B.S’ Brukenthal National Museum (2009, Sibiu, RO)

Selected Residencies: Careof (2011, Milan, IT), March Foundation (2010, Padova, Italy), Spinola Banna Foundation (2009, Turin, IT).

Currently he is working on several international projects, such as the III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 2012 (RU) and the collective exhibition ‚It’s Political Economy, Stupid‘ at Centre Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki (GR)

Interview with Filippo Berta:

Tell us more about your video. How did it develop?

In the video Homo Homini Lupus my purpose is to reflect how a homogeneous society is composed by totally different and conflicting identities. From this concept, I made this video interpreting it as if it were a magnifying glass that shows many hidden little stories, in which is ever present the dualism: Collective Identity / Individual Identity.

The standardized society is represented by a group of identical wolves, which are excited by a survival instinct, they are fighting for a flag as if it were the only vital and powerful source. This causes an insane and convulsive struggle in which each tries to tear as many shreds as possible, to impose its own power.

In this video the flag expresses a double meaning, because in human history it has always marked a territory in which this fratricidal struggle happens and symbolizes the position of its power. I think that all flags summarize these characteristics in their colors.

Why video art? Which possibilities does it offer for you?

In my artistic research the video takes on a double scope, as a documentary of my collective performances and as a short movie. In both cases the characteristic is the brevity, therefore I take care of editing each singular frame to offer a synthetic and intensive message.

Which topics are you interested in your work in general?

I aim to analyze the tension states inherent in the individual and in social relations, interpreting them in my works as forms of transitory equilibrium generated by combinations of irreconciliable dualisms. By means of my works I want to tell different micro-narrations in which the small gestures are revalued, so that the smallest differences, covered by the homogeneus collectivity, are accentuate. Besides, in my artistic research the potential failure and the fragility of the ephemeral are always present.

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